Shortly after Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney voted to impeach President Donald Trump an online petition was posted on to have her recalled.

The online petition to have her recalled can be found at this link. It was cooking along for quite a while and has gathered over 35,000 signatures, but now it seems to have stalled.

In the 2020 election Liz took 68.7% of the vote. The actual number of people who voted for her was 185,732.

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The exact number of people who signed the petition, last I looked, was 35,381. That is a long way off from a majority of the people who voted for her.

The question I keep getting asked is since we can't recall her, can she still get reelected in two years?

The answer is yes.

In all of the decades I have been covering politics I have seen candidates who were in far worse positions, some of them had been recorded saying horrible things, some had been arrested, yet they still won their office. There is no telling what can or will happen two years from now. 

Many who have signed the petition have told me that they know it does not actually hold any weight. But, from where they sit, it makes a statement that they hope will force Liz, and other Wyoming voters, to pay attention.

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