The smokescreen to hide Wyoming from outsiders seems to be working.

Does Wyoming even exist? Some people wonder. Some people in Wyoming hope that they continue to wonder or believe that the state does not exist at all.

It's been rather like walking into Stephen King's novel The Mist. Real creepy.

The problem is that more vacationers have found Wyoming and some people from states like California have decided to move here. That's prompted sighns to pop up like "Don't California My Wyoming."

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Wyoming has been considered as much of a myth as the Jackalope for just about as long. Folks in the state are not sure how much longer they can keep it that way. New technology helps people find the place despite the smokescreen.

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Tourists that have wandered into Wyoming during the course of the summer of 2021 have not seen much. "Where are these wonderful mountains I've heard so much about? Where's all the wildlife?"  They can't see it due to the clever smokescreen that's been covering the state all summer.

Firewoman in fire protection suit and mask

"I heard about the wonderful Big Horn Mountains and something called The Tetons," said one California resident. Though he was more interested in the lower taxes and regulations he had heard about, along with the low cost of living in general. "But no matter which way I look I see haze, and my eyes are burning. Is this Wyoming? I can't tell."

The smoke has been far less bad in Colorado. That's been the plan all along.

The only problem is the state can't keep this up forever. A smokescreen that hides the state for a summer or two is fine. But every summer? Not possible.

Experts are now meeting to figure out how to hide the state over the next five or more years. Clever signs like "Nothing to see here" or "Welcome to Canada" have been suggested. Maybe signs that say "Nothing to see here next 400 miles." We're working on it.

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