Look - we all need a hobby. This guy likes to build models. This just happens to be a model that he will be able to sit in. The only problem I see is that he can't actually fly the darn thing. That needs to be fixed.

Click this link and visit The Colonial Viper Blog to see how work is progressing on this full size model of a Viper space fighter.

There are lots of pictures and the detail is amazing.

The photo above is from the TV show. The pictures you will see on the web page are of a silver bird that has not yet been painted. Looks like he's building it out of aluminum.

I don't mean any disrespect but I think the project on the BLOG, above is better than the one you'll see in the video below. That guy, who was interviewed by a local TV station, decided to build his out of wood. It's nice, but not as nice.

Admit it, you want one. I know I do but I want one that really flies. And by really flies I mean out into space and I'll need to be able to "warp jump" to the nearest star.

But since that will never happen I'll settle for closing the hatch and making the noises myself like I did when I was a kid.

Just a thought, I found this online just before Christmas 2020. Anyone who is thinking of building one for me, AKA my new best friend, better get started now if you want it ready for Christmas 2021.

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