Most of us have been there, trying to get our order at the drive through window but the Wyoming wind is blowing our money, and our food away.

If you think it's annoying in your car try being one of the employees working that window. It must drive them crazy every time they have to open it.


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You can click here and see the clever, even impressive, solution of this Rawlins Wyoming fast food restaurant. (Special thanks to the FaceBook page Wyoming Through The Lenz)

But there might be a problem with this wind break.  While the wall does face the prevailing winds, the wind does not always blow the same direction.

"That's the Rawlins new McDonalds," wrote one resident on FaceBook.  "What is sad is that its facing the wrong way, making it a wind tunnel." 

Better to say, the wall is not always facing the correct way. Too bad McDonalds can't rotate their building.

"Wonder why they didn't just make the drive through on the leeward side of the building?" wrote another FaceBook poster.

Other comments left on FaceBook under this photo include:

Wyoming has wind. Fact. No amount of wind breaks or snow fence stops the wind or the snow. Wyoming is just Wyoming.

When I first came to WY, I asked the lady at the Casper airport if they were going to fly the little airplane. She said, “it’s only 37 mph, a normal day here” and damned if they didn’t handle it well.

Come to think of it, how many places do you know of that have signs asking you to mind the door on windy days? It's too bad we every building in Wyoming can't face the leeward side.

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