In the video below Don Day, of Day Weather says that we have been spoiled this fall. But the jet stream has shifted and here comes a more active pattern. 

You might have seen photos where Hawaii just got some. What we are getting is coming from that far out.

So let's combine Canadian air with Pacific moister. That can bring us a lot of snow.


The planes of South-Eastern Wyoming should get a good amount of snow out of this. There are travel and livestock concerns so now is a good time to get ready.

We might even expect to see parts of Southern I-25 and Eastern I-80 closed down for a while.

For the rest of Wyoming, there will be snow but not as much as southeastern Wyoming. Expect temperatures to drop down into the teens and a bit lower in the higher elevations.

One note of good news is that Carbon County Wyoming, along with the snowy range, one of the driest regions in our Wyoming drought, will get a lot of moister out of this. Much needed snowpack.

Black Dog Animal Rescue
Black Dog Animal Rescue

So far it looks as if most of the snow will land in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and into Utah. But that is far from the end of the story.

A shot of good news for California, they desperately need a snowpack and they will get a lot out of it during this event.

You can watch all of Don Day's weather predictions for this coming Thursday and Friday in the video below.

Spoiler alert, he ends the video by officially declaring winter as having finally arrived.

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