Tuesday, 03/18/24, is the first day of Spring.

How can we be so far into this year already?

Just a word of caution, it might feel like Spring outside for some of Wyoming and the rest of the West, but if you've lived out here for any length of time you know not to trust it.

In eastern and northern Wyoming it's been a mostly mild and dry winter.

But the western side and southern part of Wyoming have seen a hard winter with lots of snow and bitter cold.

You can blame those mountains for blocking winter from covering the entire region.

Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado also saw a heavy, hard winter.

Below is regional weatherman Don Day's forecast for the next 10 days or some. 

More heavy snow and cold are on the way for Montana and surrounding areas.

Guess Spring did not get the memo for those folks.

For those who have had a mild winter, you can probably open your windows for the next few days and enjoy some almost clear skies and mild temperatures.

But don't get too confident.

You know how it goes out here.

Nature likes to sucker-punch us.

The weather is usually at its most unsettled during this time of year.


So just when you put on some shorts and a T-shirt and step outside - WHAMMO!

Mother nature is cruel that way.

It's also Canada's fault. They like to screw with us. Damn you Canada!

We've had plenty of snow on the mountains this year, so our water outlook for the dry months is good.

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