Several people have contacted me asking if Wyoming had passed a law opting our state out of this weekend's Daylight Saving Time change.

The answer is, yes, and no.

Recently Colorado became the latest state to join Wyoming on the measure to drop out of daylight saving time.

Several other states here out west have joined the measure.

But nobody will do it until the other guy does it, and the feds need to approve.

Wyoming and surrounding states have agreed to default to mountain daylight saving time immediately if the federal government allows it.

There is a bill that has been slowly making its way through Congress to repeal daylight saving time. Each year it gets a little closer.

Currently, two U.S. states, Arizona and Hawaii, don't observe daylight saving time.

19 states have passed legislation or resolutions supporting repealing daylight saving time.

Colorado and Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Idaho, Louisiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Utah, Wyoming, Delaware, Maine, Oregon,

Tennessee, Washington, Florida, and California voters have authorized a change but legislative action is pending.

Some states have commissioned studies on the topic including Massachusetts, and Maine.  Why the HECK do they need a study?

In 2023, at least 29 states considered or are considering legislation related to daylight saving time.

Sorry Wyoming, we are still in this along with almost everyone else.

Every year we get a little closer to repealing this nonsense nationwide.

It has been a long and slow process.

Let's hope we see the repeal in our lifetimes.

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