Let's get this out of the way right up front: FINE, we all want to do our part to stop this COVID from spreading. BUT DO WE NEED TO SUCK THE FUN OUT OF EVERYTHING TO DO IT? 

Sure, they wanted us to wear masks. Now they are asking for DOUBLE MASKS. I mean, come on, it's hard enough to understand people as it is. Now we have to decipher what someone is saying through 2 masks? 

Outdoor dining is now allowed again in LA, but no TV's are allowed. Apparently, during sporting events, people gather around the TV and there is no social distancing.

The latest is all about dismantling a sacred tradition: the Super Bowl party.

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First off, much like Thanksgiving and Christmas, they would rather you don't have a party at all.

But if you do, keep the guest list short. Make sure the area is well ventilated. If you can set the TV up outside, that would be better. Do not gather close together around the screen. Double mask it up, oh and- NO CHEERING!

Apparently, whether your shouting in celebration or slinging swear words it throws a lot of germs around, so- no.

So, here is what your Super Bowl party is supposed to look like: Stay home. Attend a video chat party. Do not share any food. Double mask. No cheering. 

What a rocking good time that sounds like. 

We can debate if all of this is too much. But one thing we can't debate; when it comes to the chips and dip, NO DOUBLE DIPPING. That has always been gross. Just stop it.

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