Ever pull up behind some little electric or hybrid car with a bunch of "WOKE" propaganda bumper stickers on it?

I'm sure you have.

So let's counter that.

How about their little matchbox toy pulling up behind you, in a big coal-rolling pickup truck?

Make them sit at the light and look at your cow bumper stickers.

Because we support organic fuels and BEEF!

Here are some great cow stickers you can find online.

Find this one on AMAZON!


YEAH, we can hear what they are saying back there.

Or maybe we can't, our truck is too loud.

How about a cow busting the glass?

Animal Crack Car Sticker Cow Car Decals Funny Animal Car Window Decal Sticker, Realistic Animal Car Window Decal, Novelty Pet Car Window Clings Waterproof Animals Wall Sticker, Auto Decoration Decals.

You have got to love the expression. Get that one here.


This next one is a sweet sentiment.

Home is Where The Herd is Cow Vinyl Decal Sticker - Car Truck Van SUV Window Wall Cup Laptop

This will really anger anyone with a vegan bumper sticker.

I love that the cows represented on these stickers have such sweet faces.

These stickers are for people who love cows, and those who work with them as a profession.

It also helps support our beef industry.

Find this next sticker at this link.


You could just go simple, like this next sticker.

Just one cow word says it all.

Let the person behind you decide what it means.

Sometimes the more they have to guess the better.

How about just "MOO."

Find the next sticker here.


Sometimes, the best messages are the simple ones.

Got a tailgate?

Literally, if you are hauling cows, somebody might be riding your "tailgate."

Why not let the cow do the talking?


Find that great sticker at this link.

attachment-get off my tail

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