Sharks get all the glory.

Movies, like Jaws, are made about KILLER SHARK ATTACKS!

Let's not forget the TV marathon SHARK WEEK!

Really popular but really bad movies like SHARDNADO!

We are afraid to get into the water when we know that sharks are around.

Cows are SLOW and DUMB.

We milk cows and eat them.


What if I told you that cows are actually DEADLIER than sharks?

Globally, cows cause 20 deaths per year – 5 times more than sharks!

It's something to think about – a domesticated herbivore kills more people than the ocean's most terrifying predator.

Wait, what?

So how the HECK does this happen?

The average cow weighs over 1400 pounds.

When they get scared, they will not hesitate to charge.

Often when one charges they all charge.

Bulls are aggressive and have horns, but not as aggressive as female cows.

The ladies tend to be a lot more violent.

A heifer’s maternal instincts take over when she has a baby.

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Cows may approach, usually slowly.

If you run they will probably run after you.

That's 1400 lbs closing in on you at 25 miles per hour.

Sharks will avoid humans, most of the time.

Cows don't.

Yet for some reason people see a cow and want to go up and pet it.

Few people really want to pet a shark.

holstein cow against a blue sky

I bet that makes the shark feel really bad.

So now we need a theme like JAWS to go with cows.

We also need some cow attack movies like sharks have.

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