Some people think I'm dorky because I have boxes of winter clothes that I swap out for my summer clothes, or the other way around, depending on the season.

But don't we do the same with our winter toys?

It's finally getting cold and starting to snow in Wyoming.

Time to put the motorcycle, the quad, and the side by side away and get out the snowmobile. 

black boots in the snow

Let's swap those hiking boots for snow boots.

From there you can decide if you want skis or snowshoes.

The cloths that kept you from getting wet from the inside, through sweat, can be swapped for those that can keep you from getting wet on the outside from snow.

Darren McCollester, Getty Images
Darren McCollester, Getty Images

I bet you saw the first snow of the season and thought, 'oh good I don't have to mow the lawn anymore.'

Fine, put the lawnmower away. Then get out the snowblower.

Get rid of the rake and grab the snow shovel.

What - did you think you were done with yard work? NOPE. It just got heavier and wetter.

ice hockey player
christian ammann

Put away the golf clubs and grab the hockey stick.

Put away hose golf shoes and grab some ice skates.

Get rid of that wakeboard and get a snowboard.

Maybe swap those water skies for snow skies.

Getty Images/

But you can still go fishing. Only now you're going ice fishing.

You can still go camping. Some people like doing that in the winter. You'll just need warmer gear.

By Glenn Woods
By Glenn Woods

Mostly you're swapping everything in your garage out for the season.

That's okay. It keeps us from getting bored.

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