It's not easy being a traffic cone in Wyoming. You constantly have vehicles driving on every side, plus you never know when you're gonna get picked up by a passing grizzly bear. That just happened near Grand Teton National Park.

Traffic was stopped recently near the entrance of Grand Teton National Park. If you look close enough, you'll see Grand Teton appear near the right side of the video eventually. The reason for this very Wyoming traffic jam is due to a bear cub picking up a traffic cone, playing with it and relocating it. It wasn't just any bear cub either. As the person who captured the video noted, it was one of the cubs from famous bear Grizzly 399:

One of 399’s four cubs was playing with traffic cones. It seems that Momma bear has finally had enough of its foolishness and she stands up. Cub comes back to momma.

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This isn't the first wildlife versus traffic cone moment this year. You might recall that we shared the story of the traffic cone that was stolen by one of the Yellowstone wolf packs. We learned that the offended cone was transported by the wolf back to the pack so they could use it for wolf entertainment.

There's a reason why Grizzly 399 is a Wyoming legend. Photographers from all over the world track her whereabouts, so a cub assaulting a traffic cone being captured on video is not unexpected.

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