If you've gotten real good at doing something you might want to mix it up to keep from getting bored.

So let's say you're a Wyoming cowboy who can handle just about any bull they strap you to. Getting bored? Try turning around.

Let's start our video presentation by showing a boy who decided to bust that mutton by turning himself around. The kid had a great time. I wonder if the mutton even knew.

So that's where it all begins. Let's step to horses.

This gentleman shows us casual ridding around. But there are a few who have tried bronco busting backwards. I just could not find any video of it.

The idea is to steer the horseback to a goal line. That's easy if the horse knows where it's supposed to go but in this case, none of the horses quite understood what the rider wanted.

OKAY, let's get serious.

Let's strap a not so smart man to an angry bull and cut them loose.

NEXT, let's strap an even DUMBER man to a VERY MAD bull but we'll turn the guy backwards too if he can manage it.

WARNING --- This boy gets TOSSED AROUND.

Below is a smaller venue where the ridder did not do so bad but failed to stay on for the entire 8 seconds.

It seems that the way to do this is to place the face between the hip joints and tried to hang on to the neck with the legs.

At least I think that is what I'm seeing. I'm not going to try it.

Just for you, I've saved the worst for last.

This guy does not last long at all but... so what? That's not the point, or is it? In this case, I like to see how fast they can fail.

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