Do you get bored trying to kill yourself with regular-style bullfighting? Not up to your death wish? 

In the video below you'll see how freestyle bullfighting works.

Each bullfight lasts up to one minute.

The more stylish and dangerous the moves the more points are given.

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Points off for getting trampled.

Up to 50 points are given for the tricks and up to 50 points depending on the size and aggressiveness of the bull.

They can win up to $25,000 at an event.

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BFO - (Bull Fighters Only) is a professional meet that is nothing like a rodeo. They don't play country music or have any of the other things you would expect to see in Wyoming.

That is not to say that cowboys don't like watching these events. In fact, extreme rodeo talent often appears at regular rodeos to wow the crowds.

But the creators of it placed extreme bullfighting in the same league as other extreme sports. This is all about the action and people love watching the replays in slow motion.

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So even though these events are live they are shot with high-quality cameras. They like to zoom in and slow it down for the audience.

BFO also understands today's internet and social media. Have a look at their website and you can follow them from there for astounding online content.

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It helps to be able to jump high and maybe be able to do a midair flip or two. By that I mean, flip before the bull flips you.

In the video below you'll see a backflip over a charging bull win the event.

Between prize money and sponsorships a top extreme bullfighter can make six figures a year. That's good money. But like the regular cowboys, most don't ever make that much.

What a dangerous way to make a living.

But I guess it's better than a real job.

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