While it is true that almost every media outlet has called the presidency for Joe Biden, we also must remember that it is not the media that calls the election. 

Everything is unofficial until the election is certified and the election cannot be certified until some questions of automatic recounts, irregularities and lawsuits are dealt with.

We also must remember that, in some states, not all of the votes have been counted, and, once again, in other states the count was so close that automatic recounts were triggered.

Over the weekend, President Trump and his campaign ramped up their efforts to prove voter fraud and irregularities in the 2020 Election.

The lawsuits filed to this point are limited in scope and, so far, unsuccessful in court. But as the president's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, points out in the above video, the court battles have only just begun.

The trump campaign has filed lawsuits in Arizona with more to come in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nevada.

Rudy Giuliani says that these suits will revolve around three issues:

1). Allegations of barriers to Republican campaign observers which kept them from watching the count, which is allowed by law.

2).Mail-in ballots that did not have signatures or post marks, along with other problems.

3).A long list of dead people who had voted in several states.

Some of the other issues are the thousands of ballots in Nevada from people who moved away from that state a long time ago, mail-in ballots from people who mailed in more than once, but their multiple votes were still counted, and more votes being counted in some counties than registered votes in those counties.

Sunday Mr. Giuliani said that they would focus on the poll observers in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The GOP had to get a court order to let their observers close enough to see what was going on. But while the observers were allowed closer, the workers were allowed to move farther away at the same time.

In other states Republicans argue that some mail-in and absentee ballots are riddled with problems that make those ballots illegitimate. There are a few safeguards put in place for mail-in ballots such as signatures, a witness signature, and post marks. They claim many ballots arrived without postmarks and signatures. Also, there is a deadline for ballots to arrive, while many arrived long after the deadline.

Whatever the outcome, however long it takes, this is not the first time America has had to wait to find out what the proper vote count really was.

The president is even planning campaign style rallies across the nation in support of his efforts.

Governor Kristie Noem appeared on ABC's This Week to talk more about some of these election concerns.

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