We have a big storm coming to Wyoming this weekend. Let's all be prepared as only modern American's can be.

Just a generation or two ago winter meant working harder than ever- outside- just to stay alive. Wood had to be chopped and hauled just to keep the house warm. There were animals to tend to or they would die. It did not matter what the weather was doing, much of the work was outside. Today we will literally DIE if Netflix goes out.

You have all Friday and a bit of Saturday morning to get ready. Do Not Put This Off!

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FOOD- People can get trapped at home and starve. To survive a blizzard in 2021 you'll need the 3 basic modern food groups: canned, frozen, and delivery.  Make sure to have plenty of cookies and chips just in case the power goes out.

EMERGENCY INFORMATION- It is important to stay informed during a blizzard. But you don't need to find the news and weather channels. Just having the television on is enough. Officials will send you emergency alerts if they need to. Then go looking for what is really important; all of those shows you've been wanting to binge-watch.

POWER- Move all charging cords for your phone and computers to the living room. You don't want to go searching for them once you've gotten comfortable.

KEEPING WARM - Heat is important when napping on the sofa. This is a blizzard after all. You don't want you to freeze to death. Make sure to bring your favorite blankets and pillows into the living room. Make a nest in front of the TV. You'll be here for a while.

HYDRATION- This one is often overlooked. Stock the fridge with your favorite sodas and adult beverages. You can never have enough of the latter.

OTHER ESSENTIALS - Toilet paper, and plenty of it. Run your favorite fluffy socks through the wash before the storm hits. They feel so good when they first come out of the dryer. You'll be wearing them and your PJ's for a while.

There- you should have everything you need to make it through this coming storm. Modern life is a lot of work, isn't it?

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