Wyoming doesn't have any Waffel House restaurants.

That's a shame.

They are all over the South.

Eating there can be more fun than people-watching at  Walmart.

Sit down, have an omelet- scattered, smothered, and covered- and watch the fun.

FOR EXAMPLE, in the video below someone, while eating at a Waffel House in the South, captured this video of police dealing with a man who has stolen a tractor.

John Deer, of course.

You'll want to turn the volume up for this one.

The closest Waffel House to Wyoming is in Fort Collins Colorado.

Why does Colorado get to have all the fun?

Did you know that Waffel House Waffle House keeps its nearly 2,000 locations open 24/7, even through many natural disasters?

During storms, for example, the restaurant shifts to a limited menu and calls in backup teams.

Government agencies like FEMA actually check to see if any local Waffel House has closed during an emergency situation. It gives them an idea of how bad things are. THAT'S ACTUALLY TRUE!

The best time to visit a Waffel House is between 2 am and 4 am on a Saturday night.

This is where you go to watch people who are sketchy during the day.

Imagine how bad they are in the middle of the night.

So if you can't sleep, and you feel like snacking, don't trade your fridge and then look to see what's on TV.


Get a hot meal and a show.

Would the Waffel House cooperation please think about bringing a few restaurants to Wyoming?

We are the perfect state for them, and we really need them.

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