An Open Letter To Governor Gordon.


Dear Sir,

Being more of the libertarian type I am for the smallest government possible. It is my belief that government should have little, if any, role in the economy. But aren't there times such rules should be cast aside for the greater good?

Why doesn't Wyoming have a Waffle House? That's as bad as if Alabama didn't have one. Colorado has 3. How is it possible that a state like Wyoming with such a small town lifestyle doesn't have one?

Why doesn't Wyoming, of all states have one single Golden Corral? This state used to have several but they all closed down. Once again, Colorado as 3. 

Wyoming does have Chick-fil-A. But only 2 and they are both in Cheyenne. Just like Waffle house those restaurants should be all over the state.

Not one Krystal Burger or White House. No Cracker Barrel, or Sunny's BBQ.

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Wyoming does have the finest collection of mom & pop diners on the map, and I eat at them all the time. But if a guy in the cowboy state can't wake up at 3am craving an omelet, scattered, smothered & covered, and get it in the middle of the night, then does he truly live in AMERICA?

Some of my radio show listeners have suggested invading and seizing the part of Colorado on the east side of I-25. That is where Colorado is hoarding these restaurants and those people down there want to live in a red state again. The blue side of Colorado would love to let them go, and those folks on the east side of the interstate want to go.

So, how about it Governor Gordon? Lets rescue some fellow red staters and get Wyoming some of those chair restaurants we have all been wishing for.

Making such a bold move would guarantee your reelection. 



Glenn Woods

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