It started with the usual spring shower over Casper Mountain Thursday afternoon, 06/09/23.

Suddenly it got LOUD!

The raindrops were HUGE!

Thankfully the hail stayed small.

The rain fell so hard, for so long, that the alleyway down the side of my house could not handle all of the water.

The Casper Municipal Golf Course began to flood.

Those who play that golf course know of the ponds that make up the water traps.

But now there were new ponds.

Photo By Tim Mandese
Photo By Tim Mandese

In fact, one of the ponds on the course actually overflowed during the downpour.

The street between my house and the golf course runs downhill.

It became a river.

Almost a waterfall.

At this point, I began to wonder what all this water looked like down at the bottom of the hill in the neighborhood around Grant Street.

My house is near the top of the hill.

What's happening down at the bottom?

This has been one of the wettest springs that Wyoming has had in a long time.

That really means something after the heavy snows of this past winter.

Nobody is complaining.

attachment-Flash Flood Casper Photo by Tim Mandese 3

We need the moisture.

Friday's forecast calls for a one-day break in the rain. It picks right back up again for the weekend and into next week.

Longer-range forecasts show a slow move into summer with daily rain showers fading over time, and the days getting warmer.

But we have a few more weeks, at least, to enjoy these daily showers.

There really has been no reason to water our lawns.

But we've spent plenty of time cutting them.

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