The TV show Miracle Workers is a creative and hysterical anthology-style comedy, starring former Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe. 

So far, they have explored how Heaven works in season 1 and taken us back to the dark ages in season 2. You can see the teaser for season 3 in the video below.

From what little is seen in the short clip, a priest, played by Daniel Radcliff, is praying, asking for God to send someone to guide his band over the Oregon Trail. God needs to hurry, or they will all die.

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The door to the country church opens, a figure of a cowboy is seen in silhouette. It turns out to be actor Steve Buscemi, and he appears drunk as he passes out and falls to the floor.

The rout of the trip means they have to be in Wyoming for a good part of the journey. I wonder how they will represent Fort Laramie, Camp Davis (later named Fort Casper), and Independence Rock. 

There are now many towns along that route. But those towns were not there at the time the trail was active.

The last two seasons of Miracle Workers were shot in a studio. That means there is no chance they came out here for anything. It would have been nice if they had at least shot some scenery. I'll watch, very interested to see if they did.

In previous seasons of the show and lot of people die in awful, yet hysterical, ways. I can't wait to see the horrible things that will befall the cast this time.

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