You never know when you're going to need an old-style horse, cowboy, and lasso.



Watch the video below.

A cow is cornered by more modern vehicles and you'll see they just can't seem to stop the darn thing.

But call the cowboy in and watch him make short work of it.

First, let's see how the local TV station covered it.

Okay, that was fun but now let's take a different look.

This is the helicopter view as it happened live. You'll hear the producer talking to the cameraman as they try to keep up with the action.

The cow leads them on a heck of a chase before the cowboy is able to line up his shot with the rope.

Notice the horse and ridder can go places that the 4 wheel vehicles can't.

This is not the only time a cowboy and rope have come in handy.

In this next video,  a sheriff simply put a cowboy on the hood of his car and drove him down the road until his "hood ornament" was close enough to toss the lasso.

That's probably the most unique lasso catch anyone has ever seen.

They must have been having a great time.

Did you hear the story a few years back of the cowboy who caught the thief at the Walmart?

Maybe, rather than greeters checking our receipts on the way out they need to have a few cowboys with lassoes hanging out by the exit.

Let them try to run to their cars with those stolen goods. They will never make it past the rope of the law.

The thief at Walmart was trying to steal a bike. That must have made it even more fun.

YUP - you never know when you might need an old-fashioned cowboy with a rope.

Some things work so well they will never go obsolete.

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