From the (fantastically titled) Facebook page, "Social Distance Powwow", a video was recently posted of a husky in Alberta, Canada helping a man perform a powwow song. Seeing only the freeze frame, I knew what I wanted out of the video - and got exactly that. The man starts drumming and singing, and the dog takes over for a song of his own. Some real good medicine.

There was difficulty copying the video into the post, so you can view it here.

A little background: a traditional powwow is an event that celebrates Native American heritage, generally featuring clothing, food, music, games, and dance.

Social Distance Powwow is a Facebook page for Native persons around the world to come together during social distancing and isolation. The page is full of photos and videos of children trying to learn to drum or working on their drum technique (without much enthusiasm), Native songs, and mostly - dancing. All variations of dance, including private, amateur, or event-centric, such as the collection of videos posted for Mother's Day.

While a big fan of watching Native music, I'm mostly a huge sucker for traditional dance. Finding all these videos also reminded me of one of my favorites dances I've seen: the Sweetheart Dance, which I came across about a year ago. The dance goes from "oh they're just twirling with a little footwork", to, "I could never do that twirling or all that freaking footwork" - and the grins on the dancers faces really make the scene.

In summary, this powwow-singing dog just made the top of my week (and the week has barely started).

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