In the above video we are given a funny and yet dark look at what it is like to live as a turkey in America. The G-rated humor is corny, but that's part of the fun. It's a good laugh the entire family can get into.

The story is, Lele is such a happy bird. Everybody seems to love her. Wherever she goes they take care of her and feed her wonderful treats.

She thinks they love her. She is right, they do, but not for the reason she thinks.

When Thanksgiving Day arrives, everyone seems to be looking at her in a very different way. She's not sure why.

Then those same people, the ones that used to laugh at all of her jokes, begin to seem a bit odd around her as the moment draws near...

Well, this is getting awkward.

At about this time in the video, it kinda becomes something like a zombie movie. The humans are not dead, but they still want to feast.

BUT WAIT! -- A rescue?

The ending takes a strange twist. VEGANS TO THE RESCUE. Well, maybe? I'll stop here and not tell you the ending.

Thanksgiving is soon. Whatever you do, don't name your turkey. It makes it creepy when it come time for - well - you know.

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