WARNING: In the video below you will see men wearing short pants and cowboy boots. It's really ugly.

From the YouTube page, The Wyoming Project here is a series of the good and the bad when it comes to living in Wyoming. There is some good advice for those who are moving to Wyoming or at least thinking about it.

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1). It's windy. Deal.

2). Classified ads on social media. There are a lot of them. You would think that these sites are for buying and selling. You don't need to go to the classified ads to ask how the roads are. Apparently, that happens a lot. Anyway, the classifieds in Wyoming are mostly not used for classifieds.

3). Do not try to change Wyoming to where you just came from. We hear this one a lot and it's true. You left where you came from for a reason. Don't bring those problems with you. Do it the Wyoming way.

Bonus fact: Do not wear shorts and cowboy boots. The gentleman who produces The Wyoming Project sees this a lot from tourists. He has pictures. It's ugly. Even worse when the socks stick up above the boots. Do not be that guy.

This is what you will find in Tips For Living In Wyoming Part 1. The gentleman who produced the video moved to Wyoming a few years ago after he fell in love with the place and I have to say he really gets it.


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