Dear Tim Hartman, I am glad that you are okay. Your faith is inspiring.

The full video of the event is below.

Below you can see the shocking dashcam video that Mr. Hartman captured as a big tarp flew off a truck and shattered his windshield.

He was traveling through Cheyenne on I-25.

The truck was parked on the shoulder of the bridge for a reason that is not known.

The size of the tarp is massive, and it looks weighted.

Yet despite its size, a gust was able to lift it and throw it into oncoming traffic.

attachment-Dash Cam Mr Hartman 2

If you look close you will see there are clips all up and down the side of the tarp to secure it to the truck. Information as to why those clips were not secure at the time is not known. Perhaps the trucker was working on a problem with the tarp.

But don't get mad at the trucker or the trucking company. They jumped right in to offer help.

On his social media, Mr. Hartman wrote:
The trucking company owner offered to buy my car for a fair market replacement value (more than insurance would give me for it) so I don't have to deal with insurance.
attachment-Dash Cam Mr Hartman 3
So everyone is okay and Mr. Hartman will get a replacement vehicle. Sometimes everything works out.

Mr. Hartman posted the video on his Facebook page and wrote: "Dashcam footage of today's accident. This scared me more than the actual event! I thank God for His protection."

Ever wonder if you should get a dashcam? Mr. Hartman has 2.

Below is the view of the rear dashcam as the tarp rolls over the roof.

attachment-Dash Cam Mr Hartman 4

Dashcams are a good idea, should you get into a wreck, so police can see exactly what happened.

The video also shows good Samaritans pulling over to help as Mr. Hartman comes to a stop in the turning lane.

Other photos he took show that his sunroof was also taken out along with some side damage to this vehicle.

"Praise the Lord for His protection! Truck tarp came lose and heavy gust of wind whipped it into the front on the Impala. I'm ok but glass is everywhere and there is body damage from the steel supports. Pray that the Lord will work as I'm supposed drive to a couple of out of state jobs fairly soon," wrote Mr. Harman.

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