Daylight saving happens twice a year: spring forward, fall back.

So that means we turn our clocks back an hour this weekend.

That's easy these days because so many devices will change on their own, like your phone and other computer devices.

But what about those older devices that you have to change manually?

The Microwave

Just get a piece of black electrical tape and cover up the close until the next time change. It's not worth trying to figure this one out.


Refer to the microwave clock and repeat.

Radio Alarm Clock

You still have one of those? Throw it out and use your cell phone as an alarm. You're cell phone keeps up with the time changes so you don't have to.

Car Radio

Ignore that clock and use the clock on your phone while driving.


Move the entire sundial until it shows an hour change.

Analog Clock

Do not touch any of the hands and twist them back. You'll screw something up. I know it's a lot of work (not really) but use the nob on the back of the clock.

OR - Write the times for the other daylight saving time under the current numbers. That way you never have to change the clock because it already has both numbers.

Personally, I'm in favor of the world switching to Zulu Time.

If the world switched to Zulu Time all of this nonsense would be solved.

I know I'll never get my wish.

Zulu Time is used in the military and navigation like ships and airlines to avoid confusion when coordinating with countries using other time standards.

It's a 24-hour clock, like military time.

Everyone on the entire planet is at the same time.

So if it's 12:00 where you are it's also 12:00  on the other side of the planet.

No time zones.

No daylight saving time.

It's a great idea but it will only be used by militaries, ships, and airlines.

Too bad.

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