Wintertime in Wyoming...

When you look at a temperature map for the state of Wyoming you might notice that some areas are a lot colder than others.

Funny, the higher elevations can, at times, be warmer than the lower elevations.

When you look at these different areas you might notice something.

Wyoming's landscape has high grounds, mountains, and basins.

Think of those basins and bowls, suck down low.

Cold air sinks.

So that cold winter air will want to sink into the lowest basins, or bowls, of Wyoming.

Warm air rises.

So in the middle of winter, the higher elevations can actually be warmer than some lower elevations.

This map below, provided by Don Day of Day Weather, shows where that cold air wants to sink.

attachment-Wyoming Basins

Next, let's look at a recent temperature map to compare where the cold has gone.

So if you live in an area in Wyoming that has seen sub-zero temperatures, but just up the road it's quite a bit warmer, now you can see why.

Let's add to that who has had the most snow.

Lots of snow on the ground reflects warm light back up and away.

Snow also keeps it colder and helps make it colder.

The dark ground absorbs light and makes for a warmer area.

These basins also have river systems. That helps make it colder.

attachment-Wyomng cold

So how much snow your area got, and still has on the ground, has a lot to do with how cold you might be feeling right about now.

The faster the snow melts the faster you will warm up.

For some of you in Wyoming, you're going to stay cold for a while. You're in a low area with lots of snow. That cold is not going anywhere.

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