Not too long ago, folks were trying the new meatless meat burger. That was meat created from vegetable products - a red meat substitute.

So how about a poultry meat substitute?

Now the nation of Singapore is the first country to allow the sale of cultured meat. I bet you're dying to know what that is.

The company is called Eat Just Inc. and has been working on meat and egg substitutes. They have now produced a laboratory-created chicken (YUM?).

To create this they used animal cells without slaughtering chickens. Just like with red meat, they claim that the chicken’s flavor and taste are just like the real thing.

The product will sell first in restaurants then move to grocery stores.

As with most new products it will be a bit pricy at first. But the cost should come down if people start buying it.

The company says they want food that is both humane and sustainable. Yet it has been shown, many times in the past, that the "sustainable" part is far from true. Products like these take more recourses to create than just raising a chicken.

San Francisco-based Eat Just Inc. isn’t yet profitable at this time. They plan a public stock offering soon.

In a free market system any company is allowed to try and sell any idea they have, as long as the idea is safe. This product is safe. But is it good? What is the true nutritional value?

Most of all, will the public except it or even prefer it to the real thing? The only way to find out is to put it out there and see if it catches on.

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