Mark Jones, Director of Hunter Outreach for Gun Owners of America, joined radio host Glenn Woods on Wake Up Wyoming, to talk about a proposed Federal ban on lead bullets and fishing lures for sportsmen.

If this rule to ban lead tackle and ammo does go into effect, the ramifications for American sportsmen (who primarily fund conservation and federal land purchases via excise taxes they pay on firearms, ammo, and other sporting goods) would indeed be swift and far-reaching.

Access would likely drop to zero overnight, costs would spike for goods, and the whole industry would have to do a 180 to get people legally back in the field.

On top of that, there is no strong indicator that lead tackle/ammo is negatively impacting wildlife populations, which is the Admin's alleged reason for banning them.

A certified wildlife biologist who has spent decades in natural resources management and conservation, he can offer a unique perspective on this rule and point out the real reasons the Admin is trying to push this over the finish line.

These Biden administration regulations were created in collaboration with groups that call themselves environmentalists.

Brian Bahr, Getty Images

If enacted, they would limit hunting and fishing in multiple states across the country, including Wyoming.

"What we see here with the rule coming out of the Biden administration is the potential to close millions of acres of public lands that had been opened under the Trump administration to hunting and fishing," Luke Hilgemann told Fox News Digital. "They're doing this basically by banning the most common forms of hunting cartridges that most people buy off the shelf and requiring that no lead cartridges be used on any federal lands."

These groups fighting the new, proposed regulations, are working to show that led ammo and fishing lures do not harm the environment.

They believe that these regulations would not only harm hunters and fishermen, but a huge part of our economy that depends on sportsmen.

Sportsmen also work to maintain the environment.

They don't want to go out into the wilderness to hunt and fish and find nothing there.

They also enjoy the beauty of nature.

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