A protest against Albany County wind energy rules now has 1,187 signatures. The petitioners are looking for 1,500 at least.

According to Cowboy State Daily, 1,200 signatures were delivered to the county’s board of commissioners last Monday.

The language of the petition, which can be found on Change.org, is simple and direct: Albany County's current Industrial Wind Energy Regulations do NOT adequately protect the county's natural resources, nor do they ensure the health, safety, and quality of life of the residents, businesses, and recreational users in proximity of these facilities.  I request the county immediately review and amend existing regulations.

They are not asking for an end to erecting turbines, or to have them taken down. But they do want a review of some policies that might be a problem.

These environmental concerns come from what the petitioners are calling outdated regulations that were put in place back when turbines were much smaller than they are today. Also, not so many of them were being put up back then.

One large project of concern is the Tie Siding Wind Farm.

Members of the concerned citizens held a livestreamed Facebook chat with the media after they delivered the petition.

“This petition is not a referendum,” they said. “We only use it to demonstrate to the county the desire of its residents, to add protection for its residents and natural resources for this and future generations through properly locating industrial wind turbines in this county.”

In July, Paul Montoya, a member of the concerned group. told Cowboy State Daily that certain wind projects have “engulfed neighboring counties such as Laramie County and Carbon County.”

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