There has been a long rivalry between Colorado and Wyoming.

Even though both states have a strong cowboy culture and are both the squares of the square Western states with similar geography, they two have grown up to be very different.

Colorado has a population of 5.812 million, with a major city and many towns that have boomed in population.

Wyoming's population is around 578,803. The state might eventually hit the 600,000 mark, but it will take a while.

Let's imagine that Wyoming and Colorado went to war.

Who would win?

Having a larger population does not mean that Colorado will overwhelm Wyoming.

Colorado has a lot of stoners and hippies.

Wyoming has a lot of lone ranch cowboy survivors.

Most of the Colorado population has gone politically left. They hate guns and have no interest in fighting a war. Gun ownership in Colorado is 25.7 per 1000.-37.9%.

Wyoming on the other hand is well armed and ready to go. Wyoming has the most guns per capita, with 245.8 firearms for every 1,000 residents. - 60.7%.

Colorado has tough gun regulations, especially on military-style weapons.

Wyoming LOVES military-style weapons.

Wyoming uses their guns more often for hunting and other gun-related sports. There are folks in Colorado who do hunt, but not as much as Wyoming.

Wyoming will have to watch out for Laramie and Jackon. Those towns may not side with the mostly deep red republican towns and counties.

Colorado will have to watch out for their rebellious Front Range, mostly made up of cowboys sympathetic to Wyoming.

Wyoming would have no interest in invading Colorado. They don't want to be in charge of all of those people. Wyoming likes remaining small.

That means it's up to Colorado to invade Wyoming, and there is a lot of open range to pick those greenies off as they try to move across the state, so, the advantage goes to Wyoming once again.

But there is more than one way to invade.

If you ask some Wyomingites, Colorado is already invading Wyoming. They have taken over much of Cheyenne and already own Laramie. It's a slow quiet invasion.

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