Of the 50 states, which ones do you think engage in the most charitable giving?

Not just of money, but of time and resources.

Just handing out money is not really looking at the entire picture.

We also have to look at how often people help those they know, who are in need, but nobody knows that they are helping.

Let's not forget local veterans helping veterans. Even somebody mowed the lawn for the old lady next door and never told anyone that they are doing it.

There are lots of charitable works going on that go unreported. Let's find it and include those numbers.

Then let's add in Church and civic groups that help around the community.

Overall Wyoming ranks 6th.

Zachery Gartner

CAUTION: The website WALLETHUB recently did a story on this very topic. As usual, they have no idea how to research anything.

Not bad for Wyoming. Yet that is with a grain of salt. These "studies" miss so much.

If we take that number as close enough, then who beat us?

Utah, Maryland, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Oregon.

States that rank near the bottom, as in real tightwads, are California Nevada, Mississippi, and Hawaii, to name a few of the ones at the bottom of the charity list.

The Washington Post notes that several of the most generous states–Mississippi, Utah, and Alabama–correlate with a Gallup poll about the states with the most “religious devotion.”

Kamonchai Mattakulphon
Kamonchai Mattakulphon

You can ask about Red State VS. Blue states, or, conservative VS liberal, to find out who does more for their community. But what you'll get in every article you read is a partisan "study" designed to make their side look better.

The next study needs to be about what sort of charitable giving actually works to help people.

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