This spring has been a real roller coaster of weather in Wyoming.

But that's what happens when the seasons change in this part of the country.

Even more so when there was a winter that broke snow and cold records.

Tuesday, April 11th, 2023. The National Weather Service posted the following on social media.

615 PM 4/11 - Well, it was the record breaking day we were predicting! Many of our sites broke records or got very near breaking records. Here is a look at the temperature records broken today.

Fun facts: This was the earliest 80 degree day on record for Cheyenne, WY and the second earliest 90 degree day for Scottsbluff.

Hope y'all stayed nice and cool or got out and enjoyed the warm weather!

Along with that, they posted the following picture to show what they meant.


This does not mean that our temperatures are going to stay high this spring.

According to Don Day, a regional meteorologist from Day Weather, warm weather is trying to move up and get us into summer, while cold weather from the north does not want to leave.

Weather models are all over the place for next week. 

So, no clue what is coming. What we do know is that the rollercoaster of hot and cold days, wet and dry, will continue for a while longer.

You know that old Wyoming saying, if you don't like the weather out here, wait for 5 minutes. Well, that's going to be the case for the next month or so.

The bouts of colder weather might help keep the snow on the mountains from melting too fast.

But those very warm days bring the fear of sudden flooding.

We got a lot of snow this winter.

It was record-breaking.

That's good news as our drought is now coming to an end.

That's bad news for flooding concerns.

If you're wondering if this means that we will have a very hot summer, that's not known yet.

For now, just keep your suntan lotion in one hand and a snow shovel in the other.

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