Right through Wyoming

Well, they are working out the details right now on how and when that will happen.

A Casper, Wyoming woman took to Facebook to urge Wyoming residents to make homemade baked goods, bread, and handmade cards in a show of support for the drive-through which will cross Wyoming on I-80 & I-90.

She wrote her suggestions on The People’s Convoy - Official, which is the official Facebook page for the U.S. version of the trucker's protest against vaccine mandates.

Her name is Laura Redmond of Casper, Wyoming. She is a photographer and mother, according to her FB page.

The plan is for truckers to join together on interstates across America, two of those highways crossing Wyoming, and meeting in Washington DC. The details on how they will coordinate arriving at the same time are still being worked out.

Courtesy, Special Olympics Wyoming
Courtesy, Special Olympics Wyoming

A group of truckers are planning to leave out of Spokane, Washington on March 2. More truckers will join them as they drive I-90 cross country, and right through Wyoming.

According to the online fundraising page GiveSendGo, their CEO says that about one-half of donations for Canadian truckers are from American donors

A GiveSendGo page has now been started for the truckers here in the U.S. who are on their way to DC. As of the writing of this article that site has raised about $100,000.

According to the U.S. Freedom Convoy Facebook page...

Our group’s mission statement:
Americans love our freedoms and love the Constitution of The United States of America. This convoy aims to bring back our freedoms, our civil liberties, and bring an end to all unconstitutional mandates. This is about our rights, as well as the freedom of future generations. It's not about political parties, but moreso about a government that has forgotten its place and has no regard for our founding fathers instructions,
The Constitution

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