You knew this was coming.

It was just a matter of when.

This big winter storm you've been hearing about is moving into Wyoming.

So how long would it take for Wyoming's I-80 to close?

It happened while you were sleeping.

It was the first Wyoming stretch of highway to close in this storm.

That makes me wonder if WYDOT closed the road early just to avoid problems.

William Thomas Cain
William Thomas Cain

The first stretch closed was between Rawlins and Rock Springs.

More Wyoming highways will be closed as the day goes on.

According to Don Day, of Day Weather, it's not just the snow that falls but the wind that will blow as this system exits.

That means that even after the show has passed blizzard-like conditions will continue to persist due to blowing snow creating snow drifts.

In some areas, snow fences will max out and no longer be able to stop highway drifts from happening.

Melting snow on the roads will lead to problems with ice.

Midwest Snow Storm Puts Hamper On Thanksgiving Holiday Travel
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So expect many Wyoming highways to have problems the rest of this week and into the weekend.

Any traveling that needs to be done should probably have been done already.

It's a good idea to NOT be out and driving around until things settle down a bit.

For those who have never used it, WYDOT has an interactive website, at this link as well as an app for your phone so you can keep up on road conditions before you venture out.

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