Score another win for the bison. Another human, who should have known better, is in the hospital.

It happened Monday in Yellowstone National Park, this time with a 30-year-old woman. Authorities say her injuries are serious. So much so that she had to be airlifted out of the park. (Billings Gazette).

In this case we can't say for sure this tourist was trying to pet the fluffy cow. All we know is that she was walking along a trail when it happened, according to park service officials.

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If we can assume anything it would be that the bison did not start any trouble. There is an almost 100% chance that it was the woman. Bears and cougars will attack a person who is just passing by. But bison just stand there, chewing grass and minding their own business, until a human comes up and starts bothering them.

Apparently, no number of signs, or any other warning, will help. Last winter the park was closed for a time due to winter and COVID, yet a woman managed to get into the park and fall into a hot springs that scalded her to so badly she was rushed to the hospital. So, even closing the park, with warning signs, doesn't help.

I now have a new plan for staying alive. From now on when I am in one of these parks I'll bring some idiot tourist with me as bait. While the animals are attacking them I'll be able to enjoy the park, safely.

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