It happens every day in Yellowstone even though we don't always get to witness it. A driver traveling through the Lamar Valley shared video of a grizzly surrounded by a wolf pack.

It's hard to know what happened before (or even after) this grizzly and wolf pack moment in Yellowstone. My guess would be that the wolf pack had a kill nearby and they were trying to "encourage" the grizzly to go play elsewhere. Watch the silent showdown that ensued.

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This Yellowstone grizzly/wolf moment seems to end without any carnage. As Wide Open Spaces and other media outlets have shared over the years, it rarely ends with a bear willing to give up a potential food source. Once they possess a carcass, they will normally lay on it and feed until they're satisfied.

In this case, just a quiet show of strength by a wolf pack against one lone grizzly. In other words, just a typical Yellowstone National Park day.

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