The first real snow of the season, and - yeah - a good chuck of Interstate 80 in Wyoming was shut down.

How many truckers do you think said those words, "Well, here we go."

Below is what WYDOT was showing for early Friday morning.

The red areas are highway shutdowns.

Some folks across Wyoming might be wondering, was it really that bad?

That section of interstate, between Cheyenne and Rawlins, was shut down Thursday afternoon.

Depending on where you might have been, it could have been that bad.

attachment-i-80 closed 101323

Most of Wyoming just got some rain with some light snow.

That snow on I-80 won't be around too long.

The highway will be up and running in no time as this was actually not the worst front that we have ever seen.

Tempratures will stay old the cold side for Friday, and mostly into Saturday.

Expect what we think of as typical fall temperatures this weekend across the region.

Most of the front has moved away, delivering what it has left on the midwest and heading toward the east coast.

Most of next week looks nice, with typical cool fall weather.

But, already, there are signs of the next front getting in line to move down on us.

There is not yet a lot of information as to the size or intensity of that next front.

So far it looks much like the one that just passed over us.

If you are wondering what this winter might be like there is a detailed look at what meteorologists think might happen at this link.

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