A gentleman moved to Wyoming about 5 years ago. He makes his home in Buffalo and hosts and YouTube page called The Wyoming Project.

During his time in this state, he's seen people move here only to leave a year or so later because they just couldn't take it.

Take what? What's not to love?

David spells it out in the video you can watch, below.

If you're thinking that he might start with the wind, you'd be right. He goes on for a bit about how the wind can be unrelenting and will constantly batter a person. There are stories of the first settlers moving out to Wyoming and going insane because of the wind.

It's not that Wyoming is bad, it just has a few things about it that you have to understand.

You better get used to a dry climate. Wyoming is a high-plane desert. He explains that brown needs to be your favorite color. The state is pretty much brown most of the year.

As for cold, yeah. Wyoming can drop down into some serious negative numbers in the winter.

So that means -40 and wind. You better love a state to put up with that.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

You better have a skill that's needed if you want to find work out here. Wyoming only has a few jobs available and they need blue-collar skills.

Wyoming does not have a lot of big towns. That means a lot of the amenities that are available in the big cities are not found around here. But then again, that's the point of living out here, isn't it?

Don't come here to change Wyoming. The people here like it the way it is. That's why they are here. You won't be welcome if you do.

Welder of Metal Welding with sparks and smoke in manufacturing

Be prepared to be lonely. There are good people out here. But there are not many people out here. You need to be self-sufficient.

Basic healthcare. If you have a major medical issue you might need to handle that somewhere else.

Some materials are hard to get and rather expensive because it's so hard to get them out here. Land is cheap but building on it can be expensive.

The point he wants to make is that "Wyoming is hard." It's worth if for the right people. That's why only a certain kind of person can make it out here, and we like it that way.


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