First off, sorry for the poop image that is attached to this story. I could not find anything else that really "illustrated the headline."

Not too long ago, the Governor of Wyoming announced that to save money, the state would be closing around 10 highway rest areas. But only the ones that are in or near towns. Not the ones out in the middle of nowhere, where we need them.

For example, Chugwater Wyoming has a state rest stop right across the road from a convenience store. True, the store only allows their facilities to be used by paying customers, but come on, you can't buy a bottle of water for their trouble? Those employees have to clean those toilets after all.

Well, apparently it is asking too much of some people.

Douglas Wyoming, according to the Casper Star Trubune, has "piles of human excrement on the road into Jim Skeen’s property near Orin Junction, 11 miles outside of Douglas, last week. Next to each pile of poop were clearly-used wads of toilet paper."

Really people? You can't just pop in a poop at a store and maybe spend a buck for their trouble?
Once again, the toilets in the middle of nowhere are still open. The ones in or near town are the ones that are closed. Near towns means there are places, open for business, that are open for business where you can take care of business.
There is simply no excuse for this. But I will not blame the state for the trouble. I blame some sick people who... well ...
Then again, I am the one who wrote THIS ARTICLE on Clever Ways To Pee Along Wyoming's Highways. Guess I need to own up to some blame here.
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