Are you having trouble remembering all of the candidates running against Liz Cheney for the Wyoming U.S. House Of Representatives? Not to worry, no one really can remember them all. There is a complete list below. 

After former President Donald Trump endorsed Harriet Hageman for Wyoming house of representatives Wyoming waited to see who might drop out of the race against Liz Cheney.

Daren Smith was the first. He is friends with Harriet and thinks she would do a good job. He endorsed her as he suspended his campaign.

Candidate Photo

There was a moment of silence as Wyoming waited to see who would be next. Several had promised that they would drop out if they did not get Trump's blessing.

Finally word came from state representative Chuck Grey of Casper that he was the next to suspend his campaign.

Candidate Photo

So who's left? Below is a list of all of the candidates in this race and the names of those who have just stepped aside.

The Candidates Running Against Liz Cheney

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