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Sure, let's spend 3 nights camping out in the middle of nowhere, in what is now a Wyoming Ghost town. What could go wrong?

Ever hear of Gebo Wyoming? Probably not. There are just a few ruins there now.

Gebo is a ghost town located in Hot Springs County Wyoming. It is located approximately 11 miles north of Thermopolis.

Gebo was a coal town in 1907 alongside the nearby camps of Crosby and Kirby.

It was named after Samuel Wilford Gebo who established the Owl Creek Coal Company.

At one time 2,000 people lived in the area, mostly miners and their families.

What was left was bulldozed in 1971. Some buildings and a cemetery remain.

The host of this video found the spot on a camping site called FreeCampsite.net where anyone can find free camping areas across the nation.

I have more videos of Gebo below.

The old town, what's left of it, is a beautiful desert area.

BUT BE WARNED! No cell service, no people, and no facilities for any needs you might have. You better pack it in and pack it out. Be prepared to have a backup plan if something goes wrong.

The good news -  is everything I just mentioned above. Some people LOVE being away from everyone and everything. They like to disconnect.

Skip into the video above and you'll enjoy the parts where she beings to explore what is left of the town.

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Most People Don’t Know About These Strange Ruins Hiding In Wyoming

This former mining town is a little more hidden than the rest, and paranormal happenings keep all but the bravest explorers far away.

All these years later, though, some buildings are still standing. Well, standing is kind of a stretch... they're falling apart, weathered by the Wyoming winds and decades of neglect.

This next video of the town combines old photos of when the place was a bustling town and what it looks like today along with mood music.

Folks do venture out to Gebo now and then. But these days it's usually because they found it on a map or ran across some mention of it as forgotten history.

In the video below you can travel with folks who wander into the graveyard to see who is buried out there and forgotten by history.

There are a few old timers that live in the area who remember the town.

They were kids when the place was still active.

But other than them you can only find the place if you dig deep into Wyoming records.

How many other forgotten towns do you think Wyoming has?

Many, in fact. Most towns that tried to start up, way back when, failed. Now they are only curious names on a map.

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