Carrying too much weight on your body?

Running out of every excuse there is for why you are so - um - LARGE!


There is a new excuse and it's based on "science."

Air Pollution Is Making You FAT!

No need to worry about eating right and exercising. Just don't breathe, I guess.

air pollution from dirty and aged vehicle exhaust pipe on road

DISCLAIMER: Just because someone says it's science doesn't mean that it is.

There are plenty of CRAP "studies" out there making stupid claims.

Xin Wang, (yes you are allowed to make fun of his name) is an epidemiology research investigator at the University of Michigan. He did this "study."

I wonder how much he weighs? I mean, it sounds like he's out of excuses and is desperate to find a new one.

Anyway, he has discovered the real reason Americans are increasing in girth: AIR POLLUTION!

So stop inhaling, it's making you FAT!


Don't exhale. That's CO2 and it causes catastrophic climate change... or something.

According to Wang, (snickering at his name), back in the 1940s, 50’s, 60s, and 70s Americans were thinner. That much is true.

He claims that there was no air pollution to make us fat.

A new study suggests that long-term air pollution exposure is linked to women gaining weight — particularly ladies in their late 40s and 50s, EurekAlert reported.

Observed women who were exposed to poor air quality, specifically higher levels of fine particles, such as nitrogen dioxide and ozone, had seen increases in their body size, according to study author Xin Wang, an epidemiology research investigator at the University of Michigan.

The exposure to air pollution was tied to higher body fat, fat proportion and lower lean mass for middle-aged women. EurekAlert noted that “body fat increased by 4.5%, or about 2.6 pounds.”

H. Armstrong Roberts - Actual photo of alleged thin people in the 60s
H. Armstrong Roberts - Actual photo of alleged thin people in the 60s

He then says that the Clean Air Act was passed and the EPA started cracking down and our BMIs skyrocketed due to the increased air pollution.


That's not what the EPA says.

According to a report by the EPA, air quality in America has been greatly improving, not getting worse.

The EPA report is even titled: Air Quality Improves as America Grows.

attachment-EPA Air Quality Report

China and India have some of the worst air pollution on the planet. China, for example, burns coal directly, without filtering anything.

Their skies are actually yellow with soot. Yet China and India have a very thin populations. WHAT THE HECK?

I know we don't want to hear this but the fact is Americans are overweight because we eat large portions, snack on a lot of junk, and hardly ever exercise.

Want to know how to lose weight? 

I said it in my book The Uncomplicated Life. All you need to do is - Eat less, move more. That's it.

Enough of this.

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