They just don't quit, do they?

There are all these websites out there that DESTPERATLY want you to read their content.

The problem is they ran out of content a long time ago.

So, they just make stuff up.

Here is a website that claimed to know which states were the RUDEST in America.

The problem is nobody who works at this place has ever been to most of these states, so, honestly, how the HELL would they know?

When they got to Wyoming they ranked us 10th rudest and wrote the following:

Wyoming is a state full of open spaces and natural beauty, and with only 580,000 people, it is the nation’s least-populated state. This could go either way, with lots of space giving people a more laid-back approach to life, but it could also make people territorial and socially maladroit. That seems to have been the case for Wyoming, which has the country’s 10th rudest customers and some of the rudest drivers. (Fansided).


The author of this article is Cara Stiles.

Cara starts the article by saying she will rate the top 25 rudest states.

But she does not provide any hint as to where she gets her information from.

We have tallied up various metrics to determine which states are the rudest. Let’s take a look at America’s 25 rudest states starting with the middle of the pack and working up to the rudest. (Cara Stiles).

What metrics?

HEY CARA! Did you actually visit Wyoming and spend some time here?

Didn't think so.

I'm guessing she just Googled, "rudest states," and found an article written by someone else, who also made it all up out of thin air, then rewrite that article for her site.

Internet troll sending mean comment to picture on an imaginary social media website with smartphone.
Tero Vesalainen, Getty Images

So if you live in any of the states listed in Cara's story, don't sweat it. You're probably not rude.

What is rude is to call the people of a state RUDE without having ever gotten to know them.

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