This summer has been a bit toasty in the Cowboy State, but we all know we'll be bad mouthing the winter temps before we know it. That frustration doubles when it comes to trying to get in physical activities during the colder months.

Spending time getting the heart rate up during the summer is pretty easy, just go outside! You can play golf, take a walk, throw the baseball around OR head up to Casper Mountain and hike, run or mountain bike on the nearly 26 miles of trails. If you're into archery, you can head up to the archery range just past Beartrap Meadow. You can grab the family, a tent, sleeping bags, food and set out on a family camping trip.

Lot's to do for sure...during the summer, but what about when the cold sets in and the snow covers the ground? I have done lots of browsing for how to stay active and off the couch this winter and found that you can still head up to Casper Mountain! The winter activities are just as endless as the summer activities.

Skiing at Hogadon Basin Ski Area, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing and Fat Biking...what the heck is Fat Biking? That's the question I asked too. Casper Mountain is one of the top spots for the quickly growing form of winter activity.

I bet you thought when the snow fell, that the biking was over until spring, right? Fat Bikes are just like mountain bikes, but the oversized tires are like putting snow tires on your truck and help you glide on through the snow. After mentioning to mountain bike enthusiast about Fat Biking, the reaction was excitement for the first snow of the year. If it's something you think you'd be interested in, make sure you start looking for your Fat Bike now.

Since Casper Mountain already has miles and miles of trails, BOOM, you're all set for winter activity. Don't forget to get your trails pass before you head out on your journey!

If you've never heard about Fat Biking in the snow, here is a pretty cool video from The Global Mountain Bike Network showing you how it's done.

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