If you regularly hang out with me on the radio you know that I LOVE to get out and enjoy all that the wilds of Wyoming have to offer.

From hiking and kayaking to snowshoeing and skiing you can find me outside ALL year long.

Thankfully we finally had a decent amount of snow hit Casper Mountain, which means that I could dust off my snowshoes and hit the trails this weekend.

If you've been wondering what it looks like up there, or what you need to participate in this activity I've got all the answers...or at least answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Snowshoe Trails On Casper Mountain

Hopefully, this inspired you to get up there on Casper Mountain and give snowshoeing a try.

A few bits of advice:

  • if you can walk you can snowshoe
  • you can rent snowshoes for a day from local mountain sports stores
  • wear your regular snow gear (no special boots needed other than the snowshoes)
  • give yourself plenty of time/daylight your first few trips
  • have water in your car to hydrate afterward
  • if you get nervous that you've gotten lost, stop, turn around, and follow your trail back to the car
  • if you plan to use the trails more than once you need to get a season pass, these can be purchased at our local mountain sports stores
  • YES kids can snowshoe too

And here are some rules you may want to know before you go up on the Nordic Trails.

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