Writing this article, I wonder if a police officer has ever arrested someone only to find out that they had not done anything illegal. I'm sure it's happened.

In the video above you'll see a curious list of curious things that you probably thought there was a law against, but there is not.

Here are a few spoilers from the video:

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1). You can still marry your cousin. That is, you can still do it in 20 states in America. It might be considered creepy and we have definitely learned that over time that inbreeding is bad. But no one has ever written a law against it in those states. It was never outlawed in many countries around the world.

2). You can buy a military tank if you want. You can even drive it down the road. It falls under the 2nd amendment. Not kidding.

3). You can own a flame thrower. That's because they are considered tools, not weapons. They are actually used for many good reasons.

4). You can fake your own death. Go on, do it and be free. There is not a single law against it.

There are more in this video above. I'm curious to know which of these you would do, once you learn that there is nothing illegal about doing it.

Personally, I'm thinking of faking my own death then driving off in a tank mounted with a flame thrower. I'm not so interested in marrying any of my cousins.

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