Did anyone in Wyoming have trouble keeping warn through this latest sub zero cold snap? NO? I bet you can guess why.

February 14th, 2021: an artic blast pushes down as far as the middle of Texas bringing subzero temperatures to an area that is used to seeing winters in the 60's and 70's.

Texas, like much of the rest of the nation, has been turning away from coal and natural gas plants and planting more wind farms to produce electricity.

As the temperature dropped well below zero, and remained there, people began asking for more power to heat their homes. But those wind turbines had frozen over and could not provide a single spark to keep them warm.

Keep in mind, it was not just cold in Texas, it was dangerously cold. The lowest the temperatures have been in that area in 100 years. Over 4 million people without power in rolling blackouts.

The, ironically named, Texas Energy Reliability Council has no idea what to do.

One of my listeners from Texas told me that he was in the dark without heat for 10 hours- and the cold snap is not over yet! Thankfully, he had a deiseal generator to provide his home with a reliable source of energy.

Meanwhile in Wyoming, we made it through the same front with temperatures far colder than anything down in Texas right now. Our reliable coal and gas plants kept the power coming. No ones life was in danger.

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So-called sustainable energy ceases to produce when the wind does not blow, or when the wind blows to hard, or when it's too cold, or too hot. Now there is a new idea to install a device that will shut turbines down when birds are too close. So, just when do these things produce power?

Wind turbines in Minnesota and North Dakota built by Minnesota Power, Otter Tail Power, and Xcel Energy will not only stop producing electricity but may also start consuming it. HOLD ON - Go back and read that again.

To prevent damage to the motors turbines are heated. This keeps the components and fluids from freezing and damaged being caused. This safeguard draws power from the grid.

There are many problems that come with wind and solar. As I've discussed on my morning show many times, this so-called "green, affordable, sustainable, reliable energy" is anything but.


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