Ever have such a bad day that you just want to go home and go back to bed?

That's actually not a bad idea, and you can do that, providing that bad day does not include being under arrest.

A Gillette, Wyoming man tried to give deputies the slip for no other reason than... he was having a bad day and wanted to go home.

Can't blame him really.

Christian Oueilha has been charged with felony escape from official detention after he was transported to Campbell County Health after experiencing a medical episode following his arrest by Gillette Police and tried to run, Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds said Jan. 19. (County 17).

He was originally taken in after attempting to fight people at Fireside Lounge around 1:32 a.m., Deputy Police Chief Brent Wasson said.

Police, who were not just trying to detain him, but trying to help him, asked why he ran.

“Just wanted to go home,” he said.

Arrested man in handcuffs with hands behind back

Well, I might have a solution here.

Since this guy is having such a bad day, and all he wants to do is just go home and crawl under the covers, let's give him a nice safe room.

Heavy walls.

A big metal door that locks.

That will keep the bad world out.

Let's have a bed in that room where he can crawl under the covers and sleep it off.

That nice jail cell - um - I mean - "SAFE SPACE!" - is far safer than his home, I bet.

We will even provide armed guards to ensure that he is not disturbed and we will give him 3 square meals a day, plus TV.

Yellowstone Park Jail
@Yellowstonenps via Facebook

Now doesn't that sound nice?

Perhaps if the police officers had explained it that way he would have gone with him.

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