Google “Shoplifting in San Francisco” and select videos. you will find more than 100,000 hits.

It's not always gangs of people. In many cases, it's a single thief loading up on what they want or need and just walking out.

In one video you'll see a thief ride their bike into the store, shoplifting as they go.

This is because the thieves know that under a revised California law, shoplifting under $950 in goods means that police will not pursue and the crime will not be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, in Gillette Wyoming, the city council will vote to decide whether to increase penalties for shoplifting in the city.

If passed shoplifters will get 90 days of jail time along with the current maximum fine of $750 in fines per offense.

Shoplifting offenses in Gillette are on the rise and most of the shoplifters are repeat offenders.

The city council is struggling to find out what to do about it.

Stealing will not be tolerated in Wyoming.

But adding a possible jail sentence would come with its own set of challenges. The municipal court would have to start having jury trials, which offenders would be entitled to, and that means more time in the courtroom for city police, the Campbell County Public Defender’s office, and the city prosecutor. (County 17).

The idea is to NOT be like California cities where shoplifting is rampent and seemingly unstoppable.

There is no way to stop all shoplifting. It is always going to happen.

The hope is that increasing the punishment and actually enforcing it will discourage as many people as possible.

Perhaps focusing on the repeat offenders and letting them know there are actual consequences might be the answer.

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